Guillaume de Beer, Johanneke van Iwaarden and Freek van Noortwijk - owners of THE BREDA GROUP - started Restaurant BREDA in 2015. This restaurant was received with fantastic reviews and immediately put itself on the culinary map of Amsterdam. A year later, Pita Kebab & Falafel opened in the Foodhallen in Amsterdam west. It serves organic kebab and falafel made from white beans - setting a new light on the döner sandwich. In 2018, Maris Piper Brasserie and Maris Piper Chef's Table were added to the group. Due to the success of Restaurant BREDA, Klein BREDA was opened in 2021 at the Utrechtsestraat. This restaurant is the little sister of Restaurant BREDA with its own character. In the same year, they opened The Noodle Shop in the Food Hallen Amsterdam and at the beginning of this year PAINDEMIE, a burger and sandwich concept, was added to the list.
Freek van Noortwijk


Johanneke van Iwaarden


Vagarsh Mogatseljan

Co-owner & operations and HR

Tom Haines

Executive Chef

Hidde Vloemans

Co-owner Píta & The Noodle Shop

Jord Huijtker

Financial Director

Charlotte de Wind

Marketing & Sales Manager

Brigita Parafinoviciute

Operations Manager

Chaka de Jong

Operational HR Manager

Raya Bozhkova

Marketing & Sales Representative

Sehrish Haider

Finance Administrator