Imperial Trésors
10 / 30 / 50 gr
from €25.00
10 / 30 / 50 gr
v.a. €35.00
10 / 30 / 50 gr
Breton Creuse (3)
Served with shallot vinaigrette
Gegratineerde Creuse (3)
Served with Hollandaise and spinach
Jamón Ibérico 100 gr
King crab
With mayonnaise
Gratinated king crab
À la Maris Piper
Smoked eel
With Foie Royale en brioche
From the barbecue with garlic aioli
Veal marrow
With sourdough and parsley salad
Chicken liver parfait
With spiced pumpkin and chicken skin
Lobster roll
Dutch shrimps
With cocktail sauce and avocado
Salmon gravlax
With grapes and fennel
Beef tenderloin tartar
With Piment d’Espelette and pickles from Amsterdam
Beef tenderloin tartar
With 10 gr Baerii caviar, oyster and potatoes
With green paprika salsa and roasted coriander seeds
Beef tenderloin carpaccio
With pine nuts and truffle mayonaise
With egg yolk, celeriac broth and lovage
Fresh pasta
With summer truffle and pecorino
Sweetbread a la crème
With cantharelles and cognac
With fennel and rich seafood sauce
Torched langoustine carpaccio
With 10gr Baerii caviar and sour cream
Dover sole
Meunière, with capers and chanterelles
Roast chicken sauce, juniper lardo and monk’s beard
With anchovy sauce and pickled eryngii mushroom
175 gr
Pork Jowl
With chorizo and lentils
Fresh pasta
With summer truffle and pecorino
Hispi cabbage
With ham butter and macadamia
Barbecued cauliflower
With herb salad and sour cream
Wagyu 475gr
Japanese striploin A4 from Kagoshima
Beef Wellington
From 4 people, to order 24 hours in advance
Ribeye 500gr
Dutch dairy cow served with beef butter
Kemper free-range chicken
The Guts & Glory way
With changing garnish
Crème brûlée
With smoked orange
Chocolate ganache
With crème fraíche ice cream
Omelette Sibérienne
With vanilla ice cream and caramel
Maris Piper’s éclair
Coming soon!
For lunch and dinner